Skylar lost her hearing in a car accident – now she can hear again with the Baha Attract System


A terrible car accident left 17-year old Skylar deaf and blind. Now – two years later, her vision is back on one eye and she can hear again thanks to the Baha Attract System.

“In July 2014, my dad and I were driving to church for youth group. Just as we entered an intersection, a driver in a raised pickup truck ran a red light, T-boning and plowing through our small Volkswagen Beetle […] The result was gruesome: My dad was killed instantly and I was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.”

When Skylar woke up from her medically induced coma, it was to a traumatic brain injury and broken bones in her head, face, and the upper left side of her body. The left side of her face was completely paralyzed, she had profound hearing loss in both ears and was totally blind in her left eye.

After nine surgeries the doctors managed to save her shattered skull and repair her severed facial nerve. The hearing in her right ear came back unexpectedly after two weeks, but she was still completely deaf on her left side.

“I just kind of accepted the hearing loss and went about my life, trying to heal from all the other injuries. Until I had a follow-up appointment with my audiologist a few months later, when she told me I potentially qualified for a Baha device.

I had heard of Cochlear implants, but never bone-anchored hearing conduction devices. The technology was fascinating to me, and I was so excited that I could possibly regain some sound that we scheduled the Baha Attract surgery that very afternoon, for an operation two weeks later.”

Skylar was one of the Anders Tjellström scholarship winners this year, and is currently working as a summer intern in the US, supporting the Cochlear Recipient Services team. She says that she is glad she took the decision to get a Baha implant and that it has definitely changed her life for the better. She loves the magnet, too.

“The cool thing about the Baha Attract is that once the site healed from surgery, there was no more maintenance required. When I take off my processor there’s no sign that I have anything there, and the magnet isn’t strong enough to cause problems when I walk past lockers or fridges. (That was one of my actual concerns going into the procedure!)”


Read Skylar’s whole story here

Landon loves her new Baha 5 sound processors

How adorable is this!

One of our favorite bloggers, Eloise, shared this video of her four-year old daughter Landon who just upgraded to two Baha 5 sound processors on her Baha Softband. She is playing dress up while streaming music directly to her sound processors.

“What does the music sound like, Landon?”

But of course!


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Baha 5 switch-on: Amazing moment when Carly hears again for the first time


We’ve been following Miss Single-Sided for quite some time now, reading about her decisions and expectations to getting a Baha System. And yesterday was finally the day she got her Baha 5 Sound Processor switched on. Look at her face when she realizes she can hear from her left side for the first time. Just amazing!

(From 1:20 in the video)

Trying on a Baha Softband


Here’s a blog by Carly – “Miss Single Sided” – who has SSD and just tried on a Baha Softband for the first time.

Carly is 32 years old and blogs about her experience with single-sided deafness and hoping to be a candidate for a Baha System. Check out her blog!

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Deciding between the Baha Connect and the Baha Attract System


The fantastic thing about hearing is that it’s one sense that can actually be restored. Not complete, 100% perfect hearing – but almost.

Still, a majority of hearing impaired people don’t get help. Why?

Well, there are a number of reasons, but one that stands out the most is vanity, or concerns about the way it looks. People don’t want something on their head, even though it makes them hear. There is still a stigma connected to hearing loss.

Luckily, both people’s perceptions and technologies are going forward. Today’s bone conduction solutions are smaller and more hi-tech than ever. And with the magnetic Baha Attract System, nothing even breaks the skin, which makes it an appealing option for those who don’t like the idea of an abutment.

Here is a blog written by a 28 year-old woman with hearing loss, who has come to the realization that:

“Suddenly, I was facing the reality that I was going to be the girl with the hearing aid. And you know what? I’m ok with it. For me, it’s better than being the girl who can’t hear.”

Currently the writer is deciding between the Baha Connect and the Baha Attract System, and lists the pros and cons* from her point of view. The content is written by her and represents her own journey.


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Do YOU have any questions regarding the difference between the two systems? Let us know in the Ask the expert-section. (For personal guidance, always discuss with your health care professional what the best option is for you.)

* According to Cochlear recommendations, the fitting time after Baha Attract surgery is 4 weeks.

Blog tips: Mom blogs about her toddler with Treacher Collins Syndrome


Just as we’ve said earlier, we love reading other blogs by or about Baha users!

Here’s a blog for all you parents out there – the Southard Diaries. Here Mom Eloise blogs about life with her little daughter who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and bilateral atresia/microtia as well as hearing loss – and is now able to hear with the help of a Baha Softband.

She shares interesting and heartfelt moments of her two-year-old’s life, and what it’s really like to suddenly find yourself in the role of a mother to a child with a rare syndrome. And – there’s also a bit of kid’s fashion and recipes in there too.

Check it out!