Is the BP110 Power right for me?

The BP110 Power Baha Sound Processor

Question: So confused! I’ve been single-sided deaf all my life, for 42 years. My ENT recommended a Baha solution and now I can hear more than ever. My demo device is labeled BP110 Power. Is that 4 or 5? My research shows it’s 3. Is that right, if so why? I feel like, I can’t get answers. Maybe I don’t what questions to ask. So confused, scared and excited.
//Thanks Milissa

Answer: Dear Milissa.

It’s great to hear that the Baha BP110 Power allows you to hear more than ever before.

Our sound processors come in different levels of power. You are completely right that the BP110 Power is a generation 3 device. It is currently the most powerful device in our portfolio.

We also offer the Baha 5 Sound Processor (generation 5). It is significantly smaller than any comparable device today and also offers other advantages like wireless connectivity and direct streaming to iOS devices. Please be aware that this device isn’t as powerful as the BP110 Power.

In the near future, we will expand generation 5 with new and more powerful sound processors. Unfortunately, as a publically listed company, we are not able to disclose any specific information related to the commercial availability or scope of future products.

Your hearing healthcare specialist will be able to recommend what hearing solution is best for you based on your specific hearing loss.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

Can I wear my Baha sound processor in the rain?


Question: I have a Baha BP110 Power Demo. Sometimes I get feedback when I touch it, is this how it’s supposed to be? Is it safe to wear in the rain? //Svend

Answer: Hi Svend,

Thank you for your question. If you touch your Baha sound processor, you might experience some whistling. This is perfectly normal, as your finger disrupts the sound around the microphone, thus creating a whistle. If you feel, however, that your sound processor whistles too much, it may be a matter of settings which your hearing care professional can adjust for you.

The BP110 Power has been developed and tested to withstand everyday wear and tear. However, is not completely water resistant so you should use an umbrella in heavy rain and not wear at all when taking a shower or swimming

~ Annelen Hedin, Audiology Group Manager, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

Comparing the Baha 5 Sound Processor to the BP110 Power


Question: Hi, I’m the  mother of a 48 year old with Down Syndrome with moderate to severe hearing loss. Processor is set to the highest setting. I have two questions:

  1. Does the Baha 5 increase VOLUME compared to the BP110 Power?
  2. Does the Baha 5 increase CLARITY compared to the BP110 Power?

//Thank you, Sarah Busk

Answer: Hi Sarah, thanks for your questions. In short:

  1. The Baha 5 Sound Processor was designed to replace the Baha 4 Sound Processor in terms of power output. Thus it was not designed to be as powerful as the BP110 Power.
  2. The Baha 5 Sound Processor features a more advanced signal processing platform (named Ardium Smart) and is therefore designed to provide better sound clarity. Also, it wirelessly streams audio from sources like the MiniMic, TV Streamer and iPhone which further increases sound clarity in challenging situations.The Baha 5 Sound Processor may not be sufficiently powerful for your son/daughter. To find out more, we recommend that you contact your hearing care professional to determine if this solution can help and possibly trial the Baha 5 Sound Processor in a listening demo.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions


Mafalda, 18, endured years of bullying – until a Baha solution helped her hearing loss


Mafalda is an 18-year old student from Viseu, Portugal. From the outside she’s happy and carefree, doing “typical” teenage things like shopping and hanging out with friends. But her road there has not always been easy.

She was born completely deaf on her left side, and with some hearing loss in her right ear. All through her childhood she had to rely on lip reading and passing written notes to get by. Her mother was the only person she really learnt to understand.

As her hearing loss gradually became worse, Mafalda had to give up one hobby after another, as lip reading became too difficult and she couldn’t communicate. She wasn’t able to listen to music or use her mobile phone. Even interacting with family members was exhausting. Her mother had to explain every word her siblings were saying.

“When I started school, my teacher told everyone I had a hearing problem – and the whole class made fun of me,” says Mafalda. “It was horrible, nothing I ever want to experience again.”

Young Mafalda endured years of bullying. Since she couldn’t take part in or keep up with group conversations, she felt socially out of place, and couldn’t concentrate in the classroom. Both her social life and her grades were slipping.


Finally,  in 2008, at 12 years of age, she received a Baha bone conduction hearing implant on her right side. At first Mafalda wasn’t really open to the idea.

“I didn’t want any hearing implant – even though I couldn’t hear. I was afraid of what people would say. Now, I regret I ever said that because I realise how much I was missing out on.”

The new hearing system took some time getting used to. At first, in school, Mafalda asked if she could move to the back row because she found the teacher’s voice so loud. But gradually she got used all the new sounds, she started hearing her classmates and started making friends.

“We saw a big change in Mafalda, like night and day,” says her mother, Conceição. “She’s like a completely different person now. She understands what goes on in the classroom and her development has absolutely skyrocketed.”

Mafalda and her mother

Mafalda is now able to go out in groups of friends and take part in conversations with several people at the same time. She has also started to appreciate music for the first time – her favourite singer is Beyoncé. But the biggest change is the sense of freedom – to go out alone, and know that she can hear traffic or someone calling her name. Previously, she never walked anywhere by herself.

“I feel more secure now that I know she’ll be able to hear a car. You fear for your children, you know?” says Conceição.

Mafalda concludes:

“It’s been a crazy but rewarding experience that changed my life. I’ve had an excellent experience with the Baha system and would recommend it to anyone in my situation. Without a doubt.”


Do YOU or anyone you know suffer from hearing loss? The first step is to see a hearing care professional. Click here to find a clinic in your area.

Help reducing wind noise

Question: Can you help me? I have had bilateral Baha 3 Power Sound Processors for a week now, but the wind noise is really bad even when there’s not much wind. Have you any advice how to reduce it? With thanks, Terry, Carlisle, UK.

Answer: Hi Terry!

Thank you for your question. Wind noise outside can be a problem for any hearing device due to the turbulence created as the wind passes across the microphones.  Your Baha sound processor has been designed to reduce disturbing windnoise, though it cannot be completely eliminated. These designs include a special mesh and wind fins on the front of your sound processor to reduce the impact of wind noise.

Of course some wind noise may still get through. In these situations, we have developed a specific “outdoor” listening program which many patients have reported reduces the annoyance of wind noise. Your hearing care professional can easily program this outdoor program option  into your sound processor. Then, when outside, just change to the outdoor program and you should notice a decrease in wind noise.


~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

Will there be a Baha 4 Power Sound Processor?

Question: Hi, my BP110 Power needs to be replaced.  I demo-ed the Baha 4 Sound Processor and loved the software, but would really like the increased volume I get with the BP110.  Any plans to upgrade the BP110 to a Baha 4 Power?  Thanks – Ed

Answer: Hi Ed!

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, as a publically listed company, we are not able to disclose any specific information related to the commercial availability or scope of future products.

That said, I am glad that you tried the Baha 4 Sound Processor. As you experienced, the sound quality and clarity of this new processor is significantly better than previous generations. We have found in our testing that people have a strong preference towards this processor. While it may be less powerful than your BP110 Power, you may find that the improved sound cleaning features, combined with a wireless microphone might provide a larger benefit for you – particularly in challenging listening situations such as a restaurant, cafeteria, busy street etc.

I would encourage you to consider whether the overall hearing experience is better with the new sound processor.

Best of luck!

~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions