Tips and tricks: How to wear and customise your Baha SoundArc


The Baha SoundArc is the newest hearing solution for people who live with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided sensorineural deafness (SSD). It is the world’s first non-surgical, behind-the-head bone conduction hearing device, specially designed for children who are not ready for a bone conduction implant and adults who want to trial bone conduction in everyday situations.

Whether you’ve got a SoundArc already or you’re ready to learn more about it, these how-to videos give great tips on how you can get the most out of the SoundArc.

soundarc_topshot_all_colours3_PPTThe Baha SoundArc comes in a range of sizes and features your choice between a variety of coloured tips, where available. You can choose to match your clothing, your hair or your mood. Choose between black, grey or brown tips to discreetly match hair color — or opt instead for green, pink or turquoise tips to add style to an outfit. Watch the first video below to learn how to change the coloured tips.

Don’t worry, your hearing care professional will ensure your Baha SoundArc has the proper fit when you first try it on. Still, this next video is a useful reference for when you need to take it off and put it back on throughout your demo period, or if you or your child is wearing it for a longer term. Watch the video below to learn how to properly wear the SoundArc.

If you are wearing two sound processors on your SoundArc, your hearing care professional will set up your SoundArc for bilateral use. You can refer to this last video if you need to adjust or remove the connector discs for any reason during the period you will be wearing the device. Watch the video below to learn how to assemble the Baha SoundArc for bilateral use.

LEARN MORE: Click here to read more about the Baha SoundArc, ideal for use as a demo device, or for children not yet ready for an implant.

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