Celebrating More Than 35,000 Baha® DermaLock™ Users

In 2013, after years of pre-clinical research, Cochlear launched the first abutment designed for soft tissue preservation surgery – the Baha BA400 (DermaLock) Abutment featuring a hydroxyapatite surface. The new tissue-friendly abutment allowed a major change to the surgical procedure that would preserve the natural appearance and healing capacity of the skin, while reducing time in surgery.

Now, going on five years since its introduction, we are celebrating an amazing 35,000 people who hear today with a Baha Connect System that features this breakthrough technology!

Interested in learning more about the hydroxyapatite surface, the clinical evidence and science behind the technology? Here are some great links to articles and scientific publications.

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Scientific article: Can the Hydroxyapatite-Coated Skin-Penetrating Abutment for Bone Conduction Hearing Implants Integrate with the Surrounding Skin?

Scientific article: Osseointegrated hearing implant surgery using a novel hydroxyapatite-coated concave abutment design

Scientific article: Surgical and audiological evaluation of the Baha BA400