Cochlear Celebration is happening

Cochlear Celebration, one of the most awaited events for recipients and their families, has started. More than a thousand participants are expected to attend.

Taking place February 16-19 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, Celebration is an event dedicated to Cochlear Family members from all across America. Every other year, recipients, their families and hearing experts get together to share success stories and create new friendships.

(Video: Cochlear Celebration 2015)

“The thing I love most about my job is our solid commitment to standing by our recipients in their hearing journey. It is a tremendous honor for me to meet so many of them in one place and I feel very privileged”, says Adi Nilson, Director of Marketing at Cochlear.

The event includes educational sessions on the latest hearing technology and ways to maximize the hearing experience, as well as private parties and a wide range of entertainment activities.

“I am looking forward to listening to personal experiences, and understanding how we can further develop our products”, says Johan Land, Senior Product Manager at Cochlear.

For more information on Celebration, visit the Cochlear Celebration 2017.


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