Baha 5 user Andria: “I can talk on the phone, handsfree, while driving!”

When Andria Lewis, USA, lost her hearing suddenly, it came as a complete shock to both her and her husband.

Unable to hear and participate in the conversations around her, she withdrew into herself and stopped going out. But with the help from her Baha System, she was gradually able to return to the person she was before her hearing loss – outgoing, sociable and fun-loving.


One of the features she loves the most is being able to talk on the phone in her car – completely wireless.

“I could be driving and want to be handsfree. The phone rings and goes directly from the phone into my Baha 5 Sound Processor. It’s just been a godsend!”


Andria also loves the Smart App which enables her to go out hiking with her husband and easily block out the wind – or just switch to a different setting while in an outdoor café, simply by using her smartphone.

“We can go out to dinner. And going out to dinner used to mean me missing 90% of what was said. Now I have the setting that can block out noise, and I can actually sit and dine with my husband and have a conversation. It’s just such a pleasure.”

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2 thoughts on “Baha 5 user Andria: “I can talk on the phone, handsfree, while driving!”

  1. Upgrading from a BP110 to the BAHA 5 Super Power has been a life-changing experience for me. The sound clarity and the wireless functionality are wonderful. I have one issue using the iPhone with the BAHA 5 Smart app: I cannot find a way to reduce the audio from the processor’s internal microphone. This makes using the BAHA 5 Smart app to talk on the phone impossible in noisy environments such as restaurants. Is there a way for the app to allow both microphones to be adjusted — as is already implemented with the wonderful mini microphone 2+ ?


    • Hi Ken.
      When you stream audio from any of our wireless devices (incl the MiniMic 2+), it is possible to use the Baha 5 Smart App to adjust both internal volume and the volume of the streamed audio. When you stream from your iPhone, the Baha 5 Smart App only allows you to adjust the internal volume. Your audiologist should be able to adjust the ratio between streamed and internal volume permanently, in case you find yourself in this situation often.

      Let me know how you go, or if I managed to answer your question

      Kind regards
      Carl Uvesten
      Customer Experience Manager


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