European report: Investing in hearing technology improves lives and saves money

Adult hearing loss is one of the most challenging health and social issues facing Europe today, leading to substantial costs for both the individual and to society.  In many countries, with increasing ageing populations and associated health costs, access to  hearing technologies may be denied, or the long-term management not provided.


A new European Report published by The Ear Foundation, called ‘Spend to Save’, sets out to reveal  the real cost of hearing loss and how by increasing access to today’s technology across Europe, individual lives can be transformed and money saved.

Mel Gregory, Chief Executive of The Ear Foundation says:

“The evidence is now clear that the cost of NOT providing hearing technologies has been shown to be greater than the cost of providing them.”

The report recommends that funding schemes should include the full cost of hearing aids and cochlear implants, as this would ultimately save money overall for health, social care and welfare systems.

Download the report

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