Wearing a hat with a Baha sound processor

Question: Hi, I wonder if it’s possible to wear a hat with your Baha sound processor? I have the Baha 5 and while it’s really small it still gets “in the way” when putting on a cap or hat.

Any ideas? Thanks // Jade

Answer: Hi Jade, thanks for your question.

Of course you can wear a hat! You just have to be a little bit creative. Your Baha sound processor is a delicate electronic device and touching fabric may cause feedback. So cutting a small hole around the place of the sound processor is usually the best and most simple way.

Here’s an idea by a reader from our Facebook page who customizes her husband’s baseball caps:


Anyone else who has tips for Jade? We’d love to hear your ideas!

//The Baha Blog team

One thought on “Wearing a hat with a Baha sound processor

  1. I actually talked to my doctor before he did the surgery about the BAHA placement. He actually had me wear a cap the day of my surgery that way he could place the implant as low as possible. Mine works great with certain caps so I only purchase the caps that fit well.
    Good luck.
    Rainsville, Alabama


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