Back to school with the new Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

It’s back to school time and a perfect opportunity to learn about the new technology available to enhance your or your child’s learning experience!


The new Mini Microphone 2+ is ideal for the classroom, designed to increase a child’s ability to hear over distances and in noise. Place it on the student’s desk or the teacher’s collar to help close the gap between your child and speaker. Whether your child is sitting at their desk or working in groups, the Mini Mic 2+ automatically adapts to the situation at hand.


Benefits in the classroom include:

  • Peace of mind: You and the teacher know that every child will hear every learning moment
  • Hear over a greater distance: The Mini Mic 2+ offers an improved range of listening of up to 25 meters at clear line of sight. This means as the teacher moves about the classroom there is no need to worry that the signal will be intermittent or dropped.
  • Access to better speech understanding: With the new directional microphone technology, children will have direct and clearer access to what they need to hear no matter the situation: whether the teacher is presenting or whether working in a group project with peers
  • Compatibility: The Mini Mic 2+ is compatible with other assistive technologies such as FM systems or looped classrooms where a T-Coil is needed
  • Portability: As a child moves from the home, to the classroom, to recess, to soccer practice after school, the portable Mini Mic 2+ can easily be transferred to any environment
  • All day use: The Mini Mic 2+ is designed to provide a child with a full-day of streaming (up to 11 hours)


Baha user Manny’s mother tells the Cochlear Americas blog:

“Manny loves school–thankfully! He uses the Mini Microphone to hear the teacher directly in the classroom. Prior to the Mini Mic we had always used a FM system. When we were upgrading processors, we tested out a variety of options and realized the clarity of the Baha 5 Sound Processors combined with the Mini Mic far superseded the sound quality that his old processors combined with the FM system produced. Now that he is getting older, the lessened ‘equipment fuss’ at school is greatly appreciated as well.”


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