Jim’s new super power!


Jim and Anne have been married for over fifty years, and they’ve lived with Jim’s hearing loss for all that time.

“It can be frustrating for others to have to repeat and repeat what they’ve said, and as a deaf person you tend to just not ask again,” says Jim.

Jim recently upgraded from his Baha Cordelle II to the new Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor and he couldn’t be happier.

“I’m more in the conversation than I was before, so it’s a benefit all around, for my family as well,” he continues.

Anne’s happy with the upgrade too, and has seen Jim’s, and even her own, quality of life improve. “When we were in the car, and I’d say something as simple as “yes Jim, we need to turn left here” and I’d have to say that two or three times, whereas now we just have a conversation like normal people,” Anne explains.

Jim’s new Baha 5 SuperPower gives him access to True Wireless technology so he’s able to enjoy listening to the football or the cricket at the same time he’s gardening, something he’s very pleased with, “I can switch the SuperPower to wireless and the reception is just incredible,” Jim explains.

Enjoy Jim and Anne’s full story below (click CC for subtitles):




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