Teenage life with the Baha Attract System


Here’s a video of one of the first Baha Attract users in Poland, Beata, who shares a clip of her daily life – shopping, singing, hanging out with friends.

According to Beata’s parents, once they found out that the bone conduction hearing solution was going to be magnetic, the decision to get it was easy. For Beata it was important that it would look better. Once she has her sound processor off, the system is practically invisible since nothing is protruding through the skin.


“I got colourful covers that I can change anytime I want,” says Beata. “I can match the colour of my clothes, I can match the colour of my nails… And if I want to make it invisible for nobody to see, I just wear the neutral one.”

Her parents insist that they have noticed “major improvements” in their daughter’s hearing.

“When she was walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street, she did not catch the other’s voices… she could get over run by a car or something,” says her father. “Now she’s aware of other sounds, she’s aware of what’s happening around her.”


“I can hear a lot better, and I don’t have this feeling that the sound eludes me, I can just hear everything!” concludes Beata.

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