First look at the Baha 5 SuperPower


Last year we had the pleasure to visit Mrs Doreen Milne in Manchester, UK. Mrs Milne is a lovely energetic lady who keeps busy together with her husband, friends, children and grandchildren.

She goes to the gym three times a week and travels abroad with husband Derek at least twice a year. Their favourite holiday destination is Cyprus where they have a small house so the whole family can visit.

Doreen has a severe hearing loss. For the last couple of years she’s used the powerful Baha Cordelle II sound processors, designed for people with moderate to severe mixed hearing loss.

“They’re absolutely wonderful,” says Doreen. “Because without them I wouldn’t be able to communicate because I never learned sign language or to lipread.”

As much as they do help Doreen in her daily life, the body-worn sound processors do feel a bit clumsy. Putting them on in the morning, cables and all, take a good ten minutes.

“And if I go to the gym and then take a shower, I’ll have to take them all off and then put them on again. It’s a nuisance! I would love something a bit a more discreet that I could wear in my pocket.”

Watch Doreen’s reaction when we showed her the new Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor:


The Baha 5 SuperPower compared to the Cordelle II

Queen Doreen surrounded by her super powers – her husband, children and grandchildren

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