The Baha 5 Family powers up!


In 2015, Cochlear launched the Baha 5 Sound Processor. With True Wireless sound streaming and Made for iPhone technology, it is the smallest and smartest sound processor in the industry.

However, we also wanted to give these benefits to people with greater hearing losses. So we took the small and smart – and made it more powerful with two new options: Baha 5 SuperPower and the all new Baha 5 Power Sound Processor.

The Baha System is now the only bone conduction system to offer three head-worn sound processors, each one designed to meet different levels of hearing loss and individual preferences.

baha-5-blond-sound-processorBaha 5 Sound Processor – for hearing loss up to 45 dB SNHL

“Incredibly small” is what many people say when they first see the Baha 5 Sound Processor. And it’s true. The award winning Baha 5 is 20% smaller than all other comparable sound processors – yet full of the most advanced hearing technologies.

Baha-SuperPower-Attract-magnetBaha 5 SuperPower – for hearing loss up to 65 dB SNHL

The Baha 5 SuperPower was regulatory approved in several countries earlier this year. It’s the first head-worn super power sound processor in bone conduction. Usually worn behind the ear, it also offers other wearing options designed to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


wearing-Baha-5-PowerBaha 5 Power – for hearing loss up to 55 dB SNHL

And finally – the new amazingly smart power sound processor, the Baha 5 Power, which gives you the amplification you need in every listening environment. Like the other two, it’s compatible with the unique Bluetooth® technology designed by Apple, and is a Made for iPhone Hearing Device that let you stream sound directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Baha 5 sound processors can connect to a range of wireless accessories. The True Wireless range of devices let you watch TV without disturbing others, help you hear speech in noisy or crowded environments and can connect you to all types of electronic devices. The direct-to-device connections between each accessory and your sound processor have one thing in common – there are no strings attached.

Surround yourself with the sounds you love!


Your hearing care professional will recommend which system is best suited to your individual needs.