Trying the Baha solution before surgery

QuestionI had a sudden lost of hearing in my left ear and am planning on having Baha surgery the end of this month (May 2016). I was wondering if the Baha System has a program where potential candidates could use the headband version (like those used for babies and young children) for a short trial period in different environments.

While I tried it in the office on a headset, and was amazed at the difference, if would be very helpful to use in the everyday environment (such as at work, concerts, group settings). If yes, how do I have my ENT request it or if not, it would be, I think, a very good option for future candidates. Thank you // Linda

Answer: Hi Linda!

You are indeed right in that one of the many benefits with the Baha System is that you can try it before surgery. By using a Baha sound processor on a Softband you will get a good idea of what your hearing will be like – and the best thing is of course if you are able to take it home and try it out in different surroundings for a couple of weeks. Clinics may have different practices and procedures regarding pre-surgical trials. We recommend that you contact your hearing care professional to discuss the possibility of getting a Baha trial on a Softband.

Best of luck!

//The Baha Blog team


  1. Elasticated headband (free from natural rubber latex)
  2. Universal slider
  3. Built-in safety release
  4. Snap connector
  5. Baha SoftWear Pad
  6. Colour and pattern options