How do I troubleshoot my Baha sound processor?

QuestionI have a Baha Attract System for SSD. When I first received it (12/2015) the sound was great. In the last couple months it does not seem to be working as well. In fact, my kids and sister have asked: is your hearing device on? It is on.

I’m wondering if the device may have difficulties? I heard one person say a speak or microphone ? was out on hers. I don’t have a reliable audiologist but will try to find one. Can a audiologist determine the problem or do I need Cochlear’s assistance? When I have contacted audiologist I have been told they can not guarantee a Cochlear rep would be present? How can I ensure the audiologist and a Cochlear rep are present to ensure the best, quality service for my device???? // Kari

Answer: Hi Kari,

I’m sorry you are having a bit of trouble with your Baha Attract System. There are a few steps you can take to get things back to where they were when you were first fit.

The first thing we would suggest would be to establish regular service with a reliable, Baha experienced audiologist. A list of Baha clinics is available through our website. These audiologists have all been trained by Cochlear clinical training staff and should be well equipped for an initial round of troubleshooting.

The vast majority of fitting, programming and troubleshooting appointments are done without Cochlear employees present. If it is not a simple, straightforward fix, then it can be escalated to the appropriate Cochlear support staff for additional assistance. With regards to exactly what is going on with your hearing device, that is best left to the troubleshooting appointment.

Baha sound processors are finely tuned precision electronics. Just like any other electronic device, they do need minor repairs occasionally to keep them functioning optimally. It also could be a simple programming adjustment and an adjustment to the external SP Magnet. An experienced audiologist will be able to work through normal  troubleshooting steps and determine if they can make adjustments to the system in the office to resolve your issues, or if your device needs to be sent to Cochlear for a repair.

We are here to help and support your use of our system, so please let us know if you are not able to get this resolved.

~ Jay Patterson, Product Manager, Implant & Surgery, Baha & Vistafix