Wearing the Baha Attract System with long hair

QuestionMy daughter is 15 and has hearing loss in one ear. She also has long hair which she likes to wear both up and down. Being a teenager, one of the things she’s really concerned about is whether she has to have any of her hair shaved off to have the Baha 5 Attract System, both for fitting and then for everyday wearing. I’ve been unable to find anything online to answer her questions. It would really help to see a video of someone with long hair wearing the Attract System and taking it on and off. Can you help or point me in the right direction?

Many thanks! // Janet

Answer: Hi Janet, thanks for your question.

Your daughter would need to shave a small area of her hair for the surgery. But in most cases it grows back with no problem.

In these videos of Jon and Cindy, you can see them putting on their magnets and sound processors. And here are a few other photos which illustrate what it looks like with the sound processor on and off:


Here’s Destiny with her hair grown back after surgery.


Jo from Australia chose the Baha Attract System because it was “so easy”.


Brian’s thick hair almost completely camouflages his magnet and sound processor.

Please consult your health care professional who can recommend the right hearing solution for your daughter!

//The Baha Blog team