Apple’s new Accessibility collection features the Baha 5 Smart App


Apple makes great efforts to raise awareness of and advocate for accessibility, especially for people with disabilities.

“We see accessibility as a basic human right,” says Sarah Herrlinger, Senior Manager for Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives at Apple. “Building into the core of our products supports a vision of an inclusive world where opportunity and access to information are barrier-free, empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals.”

On Apple’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 19, they updated their Accessibility apps collection, highlighting iOS apps and developers who are helping make the world better for all. The apps are categorized by need, including vision, hearing, speech, and what Apple calls “Accessible Home with Siri.” Like it does with its other app collections, Apple refreshes the accessibility one periodically. Importantly, these updates help spread the word about developers who offer great, albeit specialized, apps.

Among them is Cochlear’s Baha 5 Smart App!


The Smart App lets you optimise your hearing experience directly from your iPhone.  You can quickly and easily change programs, adjust volume and even play around with the treble and bass. You can save custom settings for certain locations and get help finding your sound processor if you misplace it – all done smoothly and discreetly via your iPhone. If you are using a Baha 5 Sound Processor, don’t miss out on this amazing technology – download it here!

The collection is primarily available in English speaking countries like the US, Canada and Australia.

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Video: How the Baha Connect System works

The Baha Connect System is a well-proven bone conduction hearing system. It features Cochlear’s unique minimally invasive DermaLock technology which helps preserves the hair and skin around the abutment, thus improving the aesthetics after surgery. Watch how it works in the video above.

baha-5-blond-sound-processorWatch how fitness instructor Carole’s Baha 5 Sound Processor stays on during her spinning class here.

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iPhone tips: What to do if your Baha sound processor doesn’t connect to your iPhone

en_baha_5_connectivity_icon_90pxFirst of all, make sure that you’re using the latest version of iOS. If your Made for iPhone Baha sound processor* still doesn’t connect, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Sleep/Wake button to put your iPhone to sleep
  2. Wait five seconds, and then press the Home button to wake the display. You don’t need to unlock the device.
  3. Open Control Center to see if your sound processor is connected. You’ll see the name of it next to AirDrop.iphone-baha-connection
  4. If your sound processor still hasn’t connected, Tap Settings > Bluetooth and wait a few seconds.
  5. Check Control Center again to see if it’s connected.

* Baha 5 generation sound processors

For more helpful tips in customizing your Apple device, go to the Apple Accessibility page!


Trying the Baha solution before surgery

QuestionI had a sudden lost of hearing in my left ear and am planning on having Baha surgery the end of this month (May 2016). I was wondering if the Baha System has a program where potential candidates could use the headband version (like those used for babies and young children) for a short trial period in different environments.

While I tried it in the office on a headset, and was amazed at the difference, if would be very helpful to use in the everyday environment (such as at work, concerts, group settings). If yes, how do I have my ENT request it or if not, it would be, I think, a very good option for future candidates. Thank you // Linda

Answer: Hi Linda!

You are indeed right in that one of the many benefits with the Baha System is that you can try it before surgery. By using a Baha sound processor on a Softband you will get a good idea of what your hearing will be like – and the best thing is of course if you are able to take it home and try it out in different surroundings for a couple of weeks. Clinics may have different practices and procedures regarding pre-surgical trials. We recommend that you contact your hearing care professional to discuss the possibility of getting a Baha trial on a Softband.

Best of luck!

//The Baha Blog team


  1. Elasticated headband (free from natural rubber latex)
  2. Universal slider
  3. Built-in safety release
  4. Snap connector
  5. Baha SoftWear Pad
  6. Colour and pattern options


Video: How the Baha Attract System works

The Baha Attract System is a comfortable and easy to use hearing system that requires no daily skin care. The sound processor is easy to handle, and snaps onto an external magnet to hold it in place, as seen in the video above.

Baha-5-magnet-hearing-aidJon and his wife noticed a great difference in his hearing after he got his Baha Attract System. Watch his story here.


Fitness instructor Carole loves her Baha 5 Sound Processor


“I love exercising and keeping fit. It’s the best thing in the world!”

Mrs Carole Ann Carey lives with her husband just outside Newcastle, UK. She’s a lovely, energetic woman who loves fitness, gardening, listening to music, watching TV and looking after her grandchildren. She’s got seven in total!

17 years ago, Carole lost all of her hearing on her left side through a virus. She was not prepared for the impact her hearing loss would have on her life. The usually sociable and fun-loving Carole began to isolate herself more and more, as she no longer could participate in conversations in large groups. She started avoiding dining out and going to parties. She had to constantly turn up the volume on the TV and radio, and was afraid to go out in traffic since she couldn’t hear where the cars were coming from. She didn’t even enjoy her job as a fitness instructor anymore.


But in 2007, Carole was implanted with a bone conduction system, and has since used both the Baha Divino and BP100 sound processors. In 2015 she was fitted with the new Baha 5 Sound Processor and is thrilled with the results.

“The new Baha 5 Sound Processor is much clearer and much louder that any of the previous devices I’ve had…. It’s so light I don’t even feel it. It means I can wear it all the time when I am teaching as opposed to the other one.”

baha-5-blond-sound-processorCarole’s Baha 5 Sound Processor is small and blond, to match her hair

Carole teaches seven classes a week, including spinning, cardio and zumba, and being able to wear her sound processor during the entire class – no matter how much she sweats or moves her head – has been a positive experience.

“It’s very important for me to hear the beat of the music, and to be able talk to my customers”.

The Baha 5 Sound Processor is the smallest in the industry and also a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for its innovative shape and design. It delivers the same power output as the industry-leading Baha 4 Sound Processor. It’s 20% smaller than Carole’s old BP100 and comes with wireless accessories and a truly smart app that lets you control and personalise it via your iPhone.

“This has definitely improved the quality of my life, just the fact that I can hear most thing that everyone else can hear. Hearing my grandchildren talking to me or in class with my customers. Going out for a meal or hearing the birds when walking my dogs. It has given me my independence and social life back,” concludes Carole.

Watch Carole teach an intense spinning class in the video below:

Can you feel the abutment while sleeping?


QuestionDoes the Baha Connect System cause any discomfort in use? Can the abutment put pressure on my head in contact with mattress while I am sleeping? // Wesley

Answer: Hi Wesley,

Most people cannot “feel” the implant or abutment once the implant site and surrounding skin have healed after the surgery.. This usually resolves over time. You may hear some sounds as you rub the implant against a pillow or similar, but there is an abutment cover available to cover it if it bothers you.

Your hearing care professional will be able to provide more information about the expected healing time and possible side effects.

~ The Baha Blog team