Is there a ski helmet compatible with my Baha sound processors?

Question: I love to go skiing and am very aware of the safety issues and the need to wear a helmet. I wear two Baha sound processors and find I am unable to wear a ski helmet because of the feed back and whistling when the helmet comes into contact with my devices. Any suggestions? // Ann

Answer: Dear Ann, thanks for your question.

What you need is to look for a helmet that is open around the ears, such as this one, so you can still wear your Baha System. This of course depends on the position of your sound processors. Since we haven’t tested it we can’t tell you if it works or not, but it might be worth a try!


Best of luck!

//The Baha Blog team


One thought on “Is there a ski helmet compatible with my Baha sound processors?

  1. Hello Ann, I also have bilateral bahas since I was 6(currently 19). I have been skiing for about close to 8 or 10 years. I wear normal helmets with bahas on. I literally tried on EVERY helmet they had at the store. The one current helmet that I found ,doesn’t cause feedback since it has fluffy ear coverings around the hearing aid area. What I do is move the bahas since there is harder parts of the helmet directly above it. It works great til you put on goggles (currently trying find away around that), luckly i normally don’t use goggles. I previous helmet I had, we cut some room for my bahas but other than that it also worked. I hope my experiences are helpful to you. 🙂


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