In the news: Co-workers helped save deaf David’s job


Some co-workers!

42-year old David Grissam from Oklahoma, USA, has been legally deaf since the age of six.

As a dispatcher, he relied on hearing aids to answer phone calls but after a tumour removal in his ear three years ago, the hearing aids no longer worked. Grissam was close to quitting his job.

But, determined not to lose a great co-worker, his office teamed up to help get him a Cochlear bone conduction hearing solution – a small titanium implant behind his ear which connects to Bluetooth via the Baha 5 Sound Processor. Through his phone, he can now connect to the 911 center’s radios and telephones.


Grissam said he can now hear better than ever – and not just phone calls:

“I’m 42 years old, and I’ve heard the rain for the first time!”

Read more here.

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