In the news: Indian boy can hear again with the Baha Attract System


Five year old Harsha was born without a left ear and ear canal and his right ear was poorly formed. In the absence of ear canals, the little boy was unable to wear conventional hearing aids.

His parents were told that Harsha had maximum conductive loss in both ears. At a time when hope was wearing thin, they were finally told about the magnetic Baha Attract System, an innovative bone conduction hearing system introduced in India in 2015, that might be able to help their son.

The Baha Attract System has been available since 2013 and benefited thousands of recipients worldwide.

Harsha’s mother Shobha said:

“The CT scan evaluation of his ear bones showed that his ear was not favourable for any reconstructive procedure for hearing. We had almost given up all hope, however this procedure changed things for the better.”

Harsha is one of the first patients to have received this implant in the country. The five-year-old boy can now hear properly and is admitted to a mainstream school.

“In India, one out of 5,000 children is born with no ear or poorly formed ear and ear canal. This procedure can treat them and bring back 100% ability to hear,” said Dr Sunil Narayan Dutt, clinical director of ENT and implant surgeon, Apollo Group of Hospitals.

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