I lost my hearing to meningitis – can bone conduction help me?

QuestionGood afternoon, my name is Zuzana and I come from the Czech Republic.

After getting meningitis I am now deaf in my right ear. The bone conduction on this ear is about 70 dB loss. The left ear is good – in bone conduction and in air conduction (both normal).

Could the Baha solution help me?

Thank you //Zuzana

Answer: Dear Zuzana, thank you for your question.

The Baha System is indeed designed to help people with your type of hearing loss. By using a Baha sound processor on your right side, the sound from that side will be transferred to your left ear. You will then get access to sound from both sides.

The Baha System does not make you hear with your right ear – you will use your left, “good”, ear to hear sound from both sides.

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Always discuss with your hearing care specialist the benefits of different solutions, and which is the best option for you.

~ Annelen Hedin, Audiology Group Manager, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

How much is 70 dB? This table shows one of the more commonly used classification systems. The numbers are representative of the patient’s hearing loss range in decibels (dB HL).



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