In the news: cutting edge technology helped restore Gillian’s hearing


A wonderful story from Ashburton, UK:

“Many times I pretended I could hear and nodded my head in agreement. Someone could be telling me `my husband is an axe murderer’, to which I would nod and say `that’s nice’.”

Gillian Farrell, 72, suddenly lost her hearing in her left ear in 2000. Thanks to bone conduction surgery in 2005, she regained some of her hearing.

Since then, she has received multiple upgrades and late last year added the newest technology, the Baha 5 Sound Processor, which has helped change her life. According to Ms Farrell, this new model was a lot simpler and less invasive:

“I have found this to be a great improvement for me. It’s much smaller and easy to use. I have good hearing with little or no feedback and I can easily change the settings with my remote control for extra noisy situations.”

Ms Farrell said the results were obvious soon after the implants.

“I was like a new woman,” she said. “Socialising was much easier in that I could hear on my left side.”


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