In the news: Truck driver, 55, is blown away by his new Baha sound processors


“The trial devices transformed my life and I did not want to give them back,” says Kelvin Barraclough from Australia.

After a lifetime of hearing issues and inner ear infections, the 55 year-old truck driver finally decided to do something about his hearing loss. He trialled two Baha 5 Sound Processors and was amazed when he was able to hear all the sounds he’d missed out on all his life.

“I tried a hearing aid after trying out the Baha [sound processors] and it simply did not improve my hearing. I couldn’t wait to get implanted. I have two teenage boys and I knew I was missing out on vital and everyday conversations. During my Baha 5 trial period I heard a raindrop fall from a tree onto the windscreen of my car, I heard rattles and squeaks in the car that my wife had always told me about and I could hear my wife from the other side of the house, so now she cannot get away with cursing me.”


After his implant surgery, the sounds seem even clearer. Kelvin is more aware of possible engine issues or any air leaks in the braking and suspension; a safety issue both for him and others on the road. He doesn’t have to rely on  lip reading, asking people to repeat themselves, turning up the TV or just hoping he was answering correctly in a conversation. He felt as if a whole new world of hearing opened up.

“I would go so far as to say my hearing is 95% better than it was before,” Kelvin concludes.

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