Congratulations to newlywed Baha user Camille!


In 2013, high school student Camille Masino became our 100 000th Baha user!

Camille is a bilateral Baha user, born with Goldenhar syndrome who has overcome countless hurdles in her 22-year old life. Check out her story about being able to dance the ballet without hearing the music here.

Well – last month she got married and we caught up with her to hear all about the happy news:

Q: Camille, so you’re MARRIED! Wow, congratulations, how does it feel?
A: I LOVE being married! I married my best friend. And now I get to spend every day with him forever. We are both so happy. And he makes me so happy and feel loved. Dylan is perfect!
Q: How long have you been together?
A: We started officially dating in April of 2015. We met when we were both serving a mission in St. Louis, Missouri. We were both good friends on the mission but we didn’t get to know each other that well until we were both back in Utah going to school. We both went to a mutual friends concert. The whole night we talked. Two weeks later he asked me out on a real date on April 20,2015.

Q: Describe your wedding!
A: We were married in the Los Angles LDS Temple. It was a beautiful day! And it was very special that we had my Grandfather marry us. You could feel the love and strength in the room we were married in. Walking out of the ceremony as Mr. and Mrs. Reay for the first time in my wedding dress was a beautiful moment. My Baha sound processors helped through out the whole day. I could hear my grandpa during the ceremony as he was marrying us. I could hear our families and friends cheering as we walked out of the temple. I was able to talk to everyone at the reception and thank them for their support. And we had a big dance party at the end of the night. My Baha devices helped me not miss a single word and be in the moment during our special day.

Q: What has your husband said about your hearing loss?
A: My husband has been a big support to me, my hearing loss, and all of the other health challenges that I do have. I remember the first night when I told him about my Baha solution and all of the health challenges I have, his exact words that he told me were “I’ve never wanted an ordinary life, I like to do things different.” Dylan tells everyone that I have super hearing, he finds the Baha system amazing! Dylan will always tell me that my imperfections make me perfect. He is so good to me. I love him so much! And I know that he loves me too.

Q: Do you still dance?
A: I still dance. I will always continue to dance. And now I have someone to dance with through life.
Q: What’s the next step for you two?
A: Right now we are finishing school. I am at Brigham Young University Provo, UT studying special education. And Dylan is at Utah Valley University studying marketing. Life is so good and simple right now. And maybe in a few years Dylan and I can start a family. We can’t wait to have a beautiful and unique family. We hope to have the chance to adopt some children. Our life will always be unique, but I know with Dylan it will always be happy. Dylan is my best friend and we can do anything together.

Dylan: I am so lucky to call Camille my wife. I think about how lucky I am everyday that I found someone as wonderful as she is. In my eyes, she is perfect. She has gone through so much in life, yet she is the most happiest and positive person that I know. She is beautiful inside and out. I love her so much! She is my best friend.


Cochlear announces winners of 2016 Graeme Clark and Anders Tjellström scholarships

2016 Cochlear Scholarship Winners (PRNewsFoto/Cochlear)

Yesterday the winners of the US Graeme Clark and Anders Tjellström scholarships were announced! Named after hearing implant industry pioneers, the annual scholarships recognize Nucleus Implant and Baha System recipients who not only demonstrate exemplary success in their academic pursuits, but also leadership and humanity in their local communities.

“We are proud to recognize these eight exceptional students and reward them with college scholarships,” says Tony Manna, president of Cochlear Americas. “The winners overcame remarkable challenges and achieved so much in their young lives. We are excited to see what the next chapter has in store for this year’s scholarship recipients.”

Five students were recipients of the 2016 Graeme Clark Scholarship:

  1. Kelin McCloskey (Washington College) from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
  2. Megan Zahneis (Miami University) from West Chester, Ohio
  3. Natalie Synder (Rochester Institute of Technology) from West Henrietta, New York
  4. Taylor Thompson (Purdue University) from Franklin, Indiana
  5. Willa Tsao (Cornell University) from Wind Lake, Wisconsin

Three students were awarded the 2016 Anders Tjellström Scholarship:

  1. Allison Villa (University of Mississippi) from Oak View, California
  2. Kathleen “McKenna” Nelson (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) from Greenville, North Carolina
  3. Skyler Mason (Arizona State University) from Phoenix, Arizona

“The Cochlear Baha System has allowed me to experience life more fully. I can hear my family and friends laughing, making jokes and sharing some of our favorite memories,” says Kathleen Nelson. “I’m also finally able to fully hear my violin when I play. The first time I played with full hearing was so powerful it moved me to tears.”

For more information about the scholarships, visit




University student Lucy about her year after winning the Anders Tjellström Scholarship


Remember Lucy Ritchie? The first winner of the 2015 UK Anders Tjellström Scholarship Award?

It has been an exciting year for the Scottish student. Here’s her story in her own words:

“Next month will be a year on since I found out I was going to be awarded the Anders Tjellström Scholarship. I can’t quite get over how quickly time has passed. The last year has been a very busy one for me – when I received the news I was just finishing my first year at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen where I am studying Management with Marketing.

The transition from school to university has been enjoyable and has allowed me to gain more independence with living away from home. This summer I got a job in the seaside village where I spend my summer holidays. I very much enjoyed working along with the staff and serving the lovely customers – many of whom congratulated me on the success of my award after seeing it in the news.

Come September it was time to take on one of the biggest challenges I’ve done to date, study abroad.  As part of my degree I took part in the Erasmus program, where I went to study in a different country for a semester.  I packed my bags and moved to a small city called Koblenz in Germany. I soon discovered I was the only native English speaker out of all the international students and what felt like the whole city. This made things slightly more challenging but the time I spent there was a very rewarding experience. I met some amazing people from all different cultures, had the privilege of teaching someone English and got to explore the beautiful country that Germany is.  I am now back in Scotland, ready for second semester.  My next adventure that lies ahead will be my third year work placement, which I look forward to – wherever I end up working.


None of the above would have been possible without my Baha sound processor and the support of the Anders Tjellström Scholarship.  Throughout my life I’ve had many challenges to face, and having my hearing solution has allowed me to lead a completely normal life regardless of it all. My speech and hearing is just like everyone else’s and enables me to lead a normal everyday life socially and professionally.

The scholarship allowed me to travel throughout my time in Germany, visiting Berlin, Frankfurt and various other cities in the west.  There were a lot of Christmas markets visited!  I hope that it will also be able to help me in third year and help pay for rent wherever I end up.


I have lived my life beyond many people’s expectations and with the contribution from the Cochlear UK Anders Tjellström Scholarship Award, I can continue to do so and give people living with Treacher Collins syndrome and hearing loss a bit more hope for the future.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Cochlear.  Their hard work globally has been life changing for so many people and I hope that with my story and their continuous hard work, we can continue to make a difference to people’s life with the products and services of Cochlear.”


How do I connect my Baha sound processor to my iPad?


QuestionHi, my Baha 5 Sound Processor won’t connect to my iPad. It did twice but not anymore , thoughts? Thanks // Stew

Answer: Dear Stew,

  1. First of all you need to make sure that the battery in your Baha 5 Sound Processor isn’t too old as this can sometimes cause issues with pairing and connecting (read more about our battery tips here).
  2. Then, turn off your Baha 5 Sound Processor and then on again so it can pair with your iPad, and thus authenticate and store the sound processor in its list of ‘trusted devices’.
  3. Make sure to wait for pairing confirmation to be heard (six double-beeps followed by a melody) before proceeding.
  4. After the pairing, the iPad starts connecting to the sound processor, allowing audio streaming and control of the sound processor.
  5. To use the Baha 5 Smart App* to control your sound processor, pair your sound processor and Apple device as above and start the app.

You can pair up to 5 Apple devices to your sound processor and have the Baha 5 Smart App installed on all of them. However, you can only connect one Apple device at the time to your sound processor(s) so you could not run the app simultaneously on several Apple devices.

* The Baha 5 Smart App is optimized for iPhone, but will also run on iPad. When you search the App Store from an iPad you will automatically search for iPad apps only. If you are using an iPad you need to change the “iPad only” search criteria in the top right corner to “iPhone only”.


Best of luck!

~ The Baha Blog team

In the news: Baha surgery transformed 15-year old Joey’s life


Surgeons at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital in the UK have helped transform the life of 15-year old Joey Mains by helping him hear fully for the first time.

From Chronicle Live:

15-year old Joey Mains eyes “lit up” when Newcastle doctors uttered the first words he had ever heard clearly.

For years Joey had suffered hearing and ear problems, struggling at school he was forced to learn to lip read as his confidence hit rock bottom.

Now, after an operation to fit a bone conduction hearing device at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, Joey’s life has been transformed forever. Previously, although his speech was good, his social skills in school weren’t developing well and his self esteem was hurting. Now he’s much more outgoing – and confident.

“I now realise that all along, I’d never known what it was like to be able to hear properly, to really know what the world sounded like […] I feel much more confident in myself. I can keep up with conversations.”

Baha 4 Sound Processor

At first, Joey wanted to put off the Baha operation after having to undergo no less than nine surgeries for mastoid problems between the age of four and 12.

But the Baha procedure was much easier than he thought and he returned home the same day!

Two weeks later, he was back to have his sound processor fitted – and suddenly the world became a different place.

His mother Karin says:

“Mr Johnson, the surgeon, stood behind him and said a few words which, of course, Joey couldn’t hear. Then he put the Baha sound processor on, and went back again. Suddenly Joey could hear what he was saying. I’ll always remember that moment. Joey’s eyes lit up. It was like someone had thrown a light switch. I started crying with tears of joy and relief.”

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Smart tip: pairing and connecting your Baha 5 Sound Processor to your iPhone


To control and stream audio to your Baha 5 Sound Processor three parts need to interact; your sound processor, your iPhone and the Baha 5 Smart App.

First you need to pair your Baha 5 Sound Processor with your iPhone so it can authenticate and store the sound processor in its list of ‘trusted devices’. You should only need to do this once.Baha-5-Smart-App-iphone

Keep in mind that the Baha 5 Sound Processor needs to be in pairing mode (i.e. turn it off and on again) for pairing to be successful. Please wait for pairing confirmation to be heard (6 double-beeps followed by a melody) before proceeding.

Following successful pairing, the iPhone connects to the sound processor, allowing audio streaming and control of the sound processor.

To use the Baha 5 Smart App to control your sound processor, perform a successful pairing and simply start the app.

Read more on the Baha 5 Smart App page

In the news: cutting edge technology helped restore Gillian’s hearing


A wonderful story from Ashburton, UK:

“Many times I pretended I could hear and nodded my head in agreement. Someone could be telling me `my husband is an axe murderer’, to which I would nod and say `that’s nice’.”

Gillian Farrell, 72, suddenly lost her hearing in her left ear in 2000. Thanks to bone conduction surgery in 2005, she regained some of her hearing.

Since then, she has received multiple upgrades and late last year added the newest technology, the Baha 5 Sound Processor, which has helped change her life. According to Ms Farrell, this new model was a lot simpler and less invasive:

“I have found this to be a great improvement for me. It’s much smaller and easy to use. I have good hearing with little or no feedback and I can easily change the settings with my remote control for extra noisy situations.”

Ms Farrell said the results were obvious soon after the implants.

“I was like a new woman,” she said. “Socialising was much easier in that I could hear on my left side.”


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