Talking To Young Children Grows Their Brains

Did you know that over 90 percent of a child’s vocabulary is developed just by engaging with their parents? So the single best thing an adult can do is – talk. A lot. Talk with your child, even if they aren’t yet able to respond.

Professor Suskin has already shown this and new studies suggest that two-year-olds with larger vocabularies do better in school:

  1. Children who knew more words at 24 months scored higher on reading and math tests in kindergarten than those with smaller vocabularies as toddlers
  2. Knowing more words as a 2-year-old enables children to better understand math lessons with their larger vocabulary and awareness of early maths concepts (patterns, quantities)
  3. Children with larger early vocabularies were less often described by teachers as showing problematic behaviours, better at regulating their attention and persisting at difficult tasks


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