Pairing the Baha sound processor with iPhone 6

Question: I was implanted with the Baha 5 Attract System on November 9, 2015 and fitted with the piece December 18, 2015. So far this has been life changing. A couple of questions:

I have an iPhone 6 plus and notice that the device has unpaired several times and when I try to pair the devices again it won’t work. I have followed all the steps but still having difficulty. Also when it’s paired and I answer my iPhone I was amazed to hear the caller on the other end was being heard through my Baha on my deaf side. Amazing! If it’s real quiet I can hear, but if noisy I can’t make out the caller. How would I increase the sound on this portion of listening to a caller?

// Kari

Answer: Dear Kari,

Good to hear that you are satisfied with our Baha Attract System.

Regarding the issues pairing your phone to the sound processor, we are aware of this issue and we will release a new version of the Baha SmartApp* in a couple of weeks (version 1.0.1). This will resolve most of the connectivity issues you are experiencing.

  1. Once the updated app is available you will need to pair your phone and sound processor by following these steps:
    Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Hearing Aids and “Forget this device” (if processor and iPhone have been paired before)
  2. Turn off and then on Bluetooth on the phone
  3. Turn off and then on the sound processor (make sure you have a fresh battery)
  4. Pair through Settings – General – Accessibility – Hearing Aids on the iPhone. Tap on the name of the processor and tap “pair” when the pairing request appears. Note: It is important to wait for the pairing process to be completed (a series of 6 beep tones will be heard, followed by a ripple tone approximately 20 seconds later, or wait for 120 seconds). Do not start controlling the processors or start streaming before the pairing process have been completed!
    If this doesn’t help:
  5. Reboot your iPhone (Apple calls it “forced reboot) by holding both the “Sleep/Wake” button and the “Home” button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. The phone shuts off and then automatically restarts. Then go to step 4 and re-do the pairing.

Once paired you can download the new Smart App and it will help you stay paired, however, it’s important that you keep the app active in the background to allow it to keep the connection to the sound processor. To adjust the volume of phone calls you can use the volume buttons on the phone, or the volume control in your Smart App.

Good luck, hope this helps!

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

*Please note that the app might not be available in all countries.

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  1. Is there a way to connect audio to the BAHA and also allow it to play through the iPhone at the same time for unilateral hearing loss?


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