New release of the Baha 5 Smart App!

The Baha 5 Smart App is fresh and updated!

The new version 1.0.1 was released on the App Store on December 23rd 2015, with these updates:

  • The Baha 5 Smart App v.1.0.1 is designed to maintain the connection between the sound processor and iPhone as long as the app remains active in the background
  • The app has also got a refreshed graphical interface and nine new languages (Portugese, Russian, Malaysian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hebrew and Arabic) in addition to the already existing English, German, Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish

Remember that the sound processor needs to have a fresh battery and be within range of the iPhone in order to connect to your iPhone.

Should connection still be lost, the Baha 5 Smart App will automatically re-establish the connection once it’s brought up in the foreground.



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