Is the BP110 Power right for me?

The BP110 Power Baha Sound Processor

Question: So confused! I’ve been single-sided deaf all my life, for 42 years. My ENT recommended a Baha solution and now I can hear more than ever. My demo device is labeled BP110 Power. Is that 4 or 5? My research shows it’s 3. Is that right, if so why? I feel like, I can’t get answers. Maybe I don’t what questions to ask. So confused, scared and excited.
//Thanks Milissa

Answer: Dear Milissa.

It’s great to hear that the Baha BP110 Power allows you to hear more than ever before.

Our sound processors come in different levels of power. You are completely right that the BP110 Power is a generation 3 device. It is currently the most powerful device in our portfolio.

We also offer the Baha 5 Sound Processor (generation 5). It is significantly smaller than any comparable device today and also offers other advantages like wireless connectivity and direct streaming to iOS devices. Please be aware that this device isn’t as powerful as the BP110 Power.

In the near future, we will expand generation 5 with new and more powerful sound processors. Unfortunately, as a publically listed company, we are not able to disclose any specific information related to the commercial availability or scope of future products.

Your hearing healthcare specialist will be able to recommend what hearing solution is best for you based on your specific hearing loss.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions