On which side would I benefit most from a Baha System?

Question: Near deaf in left ear, moderate loss in right ear. Which side would a Baha System benefit me? Also would it be feasible to wear on the near deaf side along with an OTE hearing aid on the moderate hearing loss side? // Eugene

Answer: Dear Eugene,

A great question but one that I can’t answer definitively I’m afraid, as a recommendation would depend very much on the exact type and degree of hearing loss you have.

If all or most of your hearing loss is conductive, resulting from issues in the outer or middle ear, a Baha System will be a good solution. It will also be useful if you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing on the other, then the system will send sound through the bone to your hearing ear.

The Baha System can compensate for some hearing loss in the inner ear (sensorinaural loss), however, for hearing losses that are mainly resulting from problems in the inner ear there are better solutions like hearing aids, or in more severe cases, cochlear implants.

Only a hearing care professional can really evaluate your hearing loss and recommend a solution for you.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions



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  1. Thanks for explaining how hearing loss works. The diagram was especially helpful. My dad uses hearing aids. It’s good to understand what’s going on inside his ears. Thanks again!


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