Making your holiday dinner hearing friendly

Holiday dinners can be fun, delicious, festive and…. noisy.

According to a survey from 2014, half of family gatherings this year will include someone with hearing loss, but only half of those people will use some type of hearing aid. Regardless of whether they are using it or not, a lively gathering can be strenuous on their hearing.

But there are many things you as a host can do to make hard of hearing guests feel more comfortable.

One tip is to make sure the dining room is well lit and the table is cleared of as many obstacles, such as centerpieces and flowers, as possible. It’s easier for those with hearing loss to sit where they can see as many faces as possible, so consider putting them at the end of the table. This enables them to see when someone is speaking and helps them follow the conversation.

If you – or a guest – is using a Mini Microphone, put it on the table to further help engaging in everyone’s conversation. The Baha 5 Smart App is also helpful when it comes to tuning out background noise.

Check out Healthy Hearing’s infographic for more suggestions on making your holiday event hearing friendly: