Early treatment of hearing loss helps children’s development

Treating babies with hearing loss has a positive effect on their future learning.

Various studies show that children who suffer from mild and moderate hearing loss are not given enough support in school, which has negative effects on their academic achievements. An Australian long-term study found evidence that early treatment of hearing loss, as young as six months, benefits children’s development. The study followed 450 Australian children with hearing loss. From birth and through school, the children’s long-term speech, language, psycho-social and educational outcomes have been measured and compared.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr. Teresa Ching, stresses the importance of early intervention:

“Our assessment of the children at 5 years clearly shows that the earlier the intervention the better the outcome for the child’s development. Early detection and early treatment is vital before development delays set in.”

If your child has a conductive hearing loss or is deaf in one ear, a Baha Softband can help. It’s designed specifically for infants and toddlers and is an ideal first step for children not yet ready for an implant. It is also a practical way to evaluate if your child can benefit from a bone conduction hearing solution.

Lucy, Baha Softband user, USA

Lucy, Baha Softband user, USA


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