With the Baha 5 Sound Processor, James can hear the birds again


In the year 2000 James Lenton, from Nottingham, UK, kept getting recurring ear infections. Eventually a cyst appeared which forced him to have mastoidectomy surgery on both sides.

As his hearing deteriorated, James tried behind-the-ear hearing aids but got problems with condensation getting in and causing cross infection. He had to continually remove it and dry out the tubing. That was when he was recommended the Baha System which doesn’t interfere with the ear canals at all.

“The most difficult thing about my hearing loss was the fact that I withdrew into myself,” says James. “I would avoid people because it was such a problem to have a conversation, especially in a group. I’d just stay in the background which made me a bit depressed.”

The decision to get the bone conduction implant wasn’t hard. Now he wears his Baha 5 Sound Processor all day, every day and finds it comfortable – most of the time he barely notices it. What he does notice is the immense change it has made to his life.

“Compared to before, my hearing is now so much better. I can have a conversation and hear what is being said, the sound is much clearer and I don’t have to keep asking anyone to repeat themselves. It’s been the biggest change in my life. I can now hear the things that I remember hearing many years ago – the birds singing in the trees, the farm animals in the fields a quarter of a mile away… And when riding my bicycle I can hear the cars  coming up behind me, which makes me feel much safer on the roads.”

James uses the Baha 5 Smart App everyday.

“It`s so nice to be able to have control over what I hear, its like having my own personal sound system.”

Among other things it allows him to raise or lower the tone, add base or treble to music and block out some background noise.

Read more about the Baha 5 Smart App here

James concludes:

“Having the Baha 5 Sound Processor has really turned my life around – from someone who was quiet and withdrawn to the person I am now. I’m a lot more confident with other people, I can enjoy the rich sounds of music from pop to classical to rock. It really has opened up my eyes to a whole world that I thought I would never know again.”

Do YOU know someone in James’ situation? Do they have the typical signs of hearing loss? Suggest they contact a hearing care professional to get help as soon as possible.