Listening to learn: Welcome to Cochlear’s Family Education Day in the UK

cochlear-mind-the-gap-family-dayThis year’s Listening to Learn Conference is being held in the UK and is jointly hosted with The Midlands Hearing Implant Programme (Children’s Services) in Birmingham. The two-day conference for health care professionals will be followed by  one-day FREE Family Education Day for parents, family members and carers to people with hearing loss.

The theme  is “Mind the Gap”. It stems from our focus on parent coaching and guiding, using Nucleus 6 and Baha 5 data logging, as well as the respected work of Hart and Risley (1995, 2003).

Their study showed differences in parent-child interactions that produced significant discrepancies in children’s knowledge with some children being exposed to 30 million more words than others. Follow-up studies have shown that the gaps in language and interaction experiences have lasting effects on a child’s performance later in life. The resulting gaps in vocabulary growth and language development are something that we all should be mindful of. This finding proves that the home holds the key to early childhood success.

The main conference will be held at The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham from Thursday, 15 – Friday, 16 October with the FREE Family Education Day taking place on Saturday, 17 October.

On Saturday, 17 October, workshops and lectures will be held to help parents, family members and carers supporting their child by giving them the tools and confidence to live, learn and grow with all of life’s experiences. The programme will include discussions and development of practical skills to support their children to increase the word count in family life. This informative day also offers you the opportunity to speak with Cochlear staff regarding various topics that will interest you about your child’s Nucleus system or Baha System.

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