Is a bone conduction implant better than a CROS aid?

QuestionHi, my son aged 10 has SSD and was being assessed for a cochlear implant. It was all looking positive until the CT scan showed the bone (?) is thinner than normal and they do not want to risk the surgery (somehow related to the carotid artery?). So now they are offering a bone conduction implant. He already wears a CROS aid.

My question is, will the implant be any better than the CROS device? I do not want to put him through an invasive procedure if it does the same as the CROS. Thanks.


Answer: Dear Davina,

It is impossible to say if a Baha System will be better than the CROS solution for your child, however, many candidates do try the CROS solution and later go for a Baha System. You should always discuss with your health care professional what the best option is for you.

One of the benefits with the Baha System is that you can actually try it before you go through the surgery. Your audiologist can place the sound processor on an elastic band to let your child wear it temporarily and evaluate the benefit. Once you have decided what to go for you should be aware that the surgery involved is minor and does not pose a risk to your child’s hearing.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions