Is there a Baha Smart App for Android?

Question: My wife will need a Baha 5 Sound Processor. Isn’t there a solution for Android? Not everyone has an iPhone! Can the Baha 5 Sound Processor make a connection with Bluetooth on an Android phone for telephone and music?

Kindly regards,
Hedwig Van Pamel

Answer: Thank you for your question. The Baha 5 Sound Processor can connect to Android phones via the wireless phone clip as well as with the Control App. If you don’t already have the Control App installed, download it here:


Good luck! / The Cochlear team

2 thoughts on “Is there a Baha Smart App for Android?

  1. Can someone please tell us why the Android phones don’t work in the same way as the Apple phones with the BAHA 5? It would be really nice not to have to carry around the phone clip with my Android phone. Perhaps it involved some capability soon to come to the Android? Any insight provided is appreciated.


  2. Hello
    There is a Baha 5 Smart app since 1 july 2016 in the Play Store.
    The bone conduction implant is MUCH better than a Cross aid.I have a new life since october 2015.


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