“The Baha Attract System was an easy decision”


Even if you’re totally comfortable with your bone conduction solution, you might not want everyone else to see it, all the time.

With Cochlear’s new systems, you don’t have to. The Baha 5 Sound Processor is so small it barely shows – especially if you have hair – and together with the new Colour covers for the Baha Attract System it blends in even more.

Brian, Baha Attract user, USA, says:

“I should have had Baha surgery right away as my wife and doctor insisted my hearing was worse than I was willing to admit, and it was the only solution for my conductive hearing loss. But I ignored my hearing trouble for 8 more years…out of vanity.  I have always been extremely vain and worried so much about having the device on my head that I refused to do it. I just didn’t want people staring at my head.”


As the new, streamlined SP Magnet and new Colour covers are designed to blend in with the small Baha 5 Sound Processor and hair colour, Brian’s concerns weren’t realized. The system is so discreet you can hardly see it!

“The Baha Attract System was an easy decision,” Brian continues. “My family thinks it’s great technology, but otherwise we don’t really think about it at all. Isn’t that the point really? You get to live life normally and people around you don’t have to think about your hearing challenges.”