I am a candidate for Baha – but will it help my hearing?

QuestionI have been told I am a great candidate for Baha. I have mainly only 40% of my hearing left in my left ear due to an AN with near normal in my right ear. I need some advice and opinions.

Have you found that the Baha has helped your hearing? Does it help your hearing in loud crowded places like a restaurant? Do you think the whole experience has been worth it?

I ask these questions because I am not sure if the device will meet my goals. My frustration in hearing has to do with not being able to hear my family and friends at the table in a restaurant. Based on a few things I have read I am not sure the device will help this any and since I will have to pay 20% of all of my costs (device, surgery, etc.) plus a $1000 deductible I am not sure if it is worth it. //Brian

Answer: Dear Brian,

Baha users usually report good outcomes when wearing the Baha System in the situations that you outline – in fact these are exactly the situations that people with hearing loss in one ear experience most difficulties, so you are not alone.

To make sure that you can benefit from the Baha System, we recommend that you contact your hearing care professional to schedule a listening test and evaluate the Baha System before surgery. One of the benefits of the Baha system is that you can actually try it before you decide.

If you are already in contact with a clinic or hearing care professional we would advice you to request a demonstration. You can find a hearing care professional close to you through the Find a clinic link on our web page.

We wish you all the best! / The Cochlear team