Smart tip: personalise your Baha 5 Sound Processor


Even though your Baha 5 Sound Processor is smart enough to adapt to your surroundings, there might still be situations where you wish to fine tune the settings yourself. This is what the Baha 5 Smart App is for!

Select the program you wish to fine tune, press the Personalise button at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to adjust treble and bass.

To store these adjustments for future use, add a name and tap Save. Your own personalised Program+ will now appear on your program screen and you can tap the icon whenever you wish to activate it.

To adjust the settings of a Program+, simply activate it, press Personalise and make your treble & bass adjustments.

Keep in mind that changes are never made to the default programs that were fitted by your audiologist and that the changes can’t be seen by the audiologist unless you show them in your app.

A good suggestion is to show your Smart App to your audiologist at your next follow-up so they can see the changes you have made. This can be useful when discussing any permanent adjustments to your default programs.


Incredibly small, unbelievably smart!