Baha scholarship winner Madeline completed her internship at Cochlear


Madeline Betterly is a 20-year old university student from Michigan, USA. She was born with microtia on her right side, which means her inner cochlea is working fine but she has no functioning external ear.

Madeline lives in Detroit where she studies biomedical engineering. She is also a Baha user. She was fitted with a Baha sound processor in 2008 and says it has really helped a lot, both in social situations and academically.

Three years ago she won the Cochlear Tjellström Scholarship Award which helps pay for her education. And right now she is doing her internship at Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions in Gothenburg, Sweden!

“I really wanted to come here,” says Madeline. “I wanted to go for years but it wasn’t until now that it worked with everyone’s schedules.”

In her Cochlear internship, she’s had the opportunity to complete tests on the Baha 5 Sound Processor in different fields of the development and design process. The internship helped her experience how studies are applied in a real-world situation.

“I was able to witness how different departments are able to work together to form a company and new products, which is really impressive,” says Madeline.

And – what did she think about Sweden?

“I like Gothenburg. I like walking around by myself. I like the historical buildings and statues and the cobblestones. Everything in Europe is generally much older than in the US, but still nicely combined with modern transport systems.”

 madeline-tjellstrom-scholarship-bahaMadeline with Dr Anders Tjellström at the Cochlear Celebration in San Diego 2013

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