The special edition of BATOD Magazine is all about bone conduction hearing solutions

BATOD-deaf-bone-conduction-hearing-implants This special PDF edition of BATOD Magazine tries to offer some clarifications of the world of bone conduction hearing solutions. BATOD stands for British Association of Teachers of the Deaf and in this issue they describe the difference between bone conduction solutions, the correct use of the term Baha (without capitals) and features stories from real Baha users. Among them are one of our guest bloggers, Arti Patel and teenager Bethan May Harvey who has written a blog about her struggles with hearing loss and bullying. arti-Baha-userBethan-Baha-user

NOTE: This magazine is market specific and may not reflect current practice in other markets/countries. Cochlear does not take responsibility for the factual content of the articles but respects that they reflect views and experiences of the authors themselves.