What side should my Baha Attract System be on if I am deaf in one ear?

QuestionI am 30 yrs old and I have single sided deafness. I wear a bone anchor hearing aid. Both my ears are closed, and the speaker of my bone anchored hearing aid is on my left side. Using the Baha 4 Attract System, does it matter what side it is on? //Martin

Answer: Hi,

The Baha Attract System is clinically proven to help people with your type of hearing problems. However, since no two hearing losses are exactly the same it’s difficult to give advice without meeting you in person. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your hearing care professional to receive a clinical evaluation and decide on the product configuration and implant location that best match your specific needs.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions