Can I play rugby with a Baha System?


Question: Hello Sir/Madam,
4 years ago I got my Baha System installed in my head. After almost 15 years I was able to hear with my left ear (properly) now I’m 17 and I want to start playing rugby again, my question is, can I play rugby with a scrum cap without damaging the titanium thing in my head? //Jelle

Answer: Hi,

Baha users can safely participate in sport activities including rugby as long as they take a few simple precautions.

Always remove your Baha sound processor when playing to avoid damaging or losing it. Regarding the titanium implant, it is not very likely that it would be damaged, however, direct forces onto the abutment may loosen it requiring a new surgery. So a scrum cap is a good idea! You may need to make adjustments to your scrum cap to accomodate the abutment. For those using a Baha Attract System, just remove the external magnet and sound processor and you should be fine.

~ Fredrik Breitholtz, Head of Training and Clinical Communication, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

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