Smart tip: audible signals in the Smart App

SmartTipLeftBeep beep!

Your Baha 5 Sound Processor contains a number of audible signals. They confirm program or volume changes, and alert you when the battery is running low.

All these signals are gathered on the Smart App Assist page, so you can rehearse and memorise them. Simply tap on them to familiarise yourself with them and to hear what they sound like.


Incredibly small, unbelievably smart!

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2 thoughts on “Smart tip: audible signals in the Smart App

  1. Hi guys, 10 slow beeps when turning on the processor is a lot… i dont think im able to change it so I will deal with it, but… please have it in consideration for further versions of this magnificient piece of technology.


    • Hi Milad,
      You are correct, these beeps cannot be changed as the feature is set up now. Thank you so much for your feedback, we are taking the issue under consideration for future updates.

      Warm regards,
      Rebecca Jones
      The Baha Blog admin


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