Smart tip: Lost your sound processor? Find it with the Smart App

SmartTipLeftSuddenly the whole world goes quiet. As you reach up to your Baha sound processor to see what’s wrong, you realize that the worst has happened – it’s not there! You’ve lost it!

Don’t worry – the Baha 5 Smart App will help you locate i. Just open the Assist section and tap ‘Locate device’. The closer you get to your sound processor, the higher bar on the screen.

If your sound processor is switched off or if you are too far away for a connection, there’s a solution for that, too. Switch to Map view. The map will show the last location where you had a connection. This helps you narrow down the search to your workplace, the bus, your child’s school, your back yard…

It’s unbelievably smart!


Incredibly small, unbelievably smart

Download the Baha 5 Smart App