American Baha user Micah, 8, visits Baha headquarters in Sweden


Last week we had a very special visit – a family from the US. They came all this way across the pond to show their son Micah, 8, the place and people who makes him able to hear.

Micah was adopted from China in 2007 when he was 16 months old; his older sister was also adopted from China in 2004.

“We knew about Micah’s atresia/microtia, but it seemed to be a manageable issue,” says Micah’s mother Lydia.

Micah got his first Baha sound processor at 20 months old, and his second one a year later. According to his parents, Micah quickly adapted to his new sound processors. They have held up well over the years, with him being a very active child.

When Micah turned three, he started attending Summit Speech School in New Jersey where he was expected him to remain until kindergarten. But he actually did so well at Summit that he ‘graduated’ at age four and entered a mainstream pre-kindergarten program in the local public school system. Micah is now in third grade and has speech therapy services once or twice per week.

So, what did they think of visiting Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions?

“We had a wonderful visit to Gothenburg, and the highlight was definitely the trip to visit Cochlear,” says Lydia. “Micah loved every aspect; from touring the manufacturing offices to see how the Baha sound processors are assembled, to actually trying out the Baha 5 Sound Processor and the Smart App. Micah now wants the Baha 5 as soon as possible and has been talking about it non-stop, partly because it was lighter and partly because he sees it as a path to getting his own iPhone (which happens in our family in 6th grade/age 11). I loved that I could just speak quietly into the iPhone while looking at Micah wandering on the other side of the canteen and see the look on his face when he heard me.

Additionally, we’d like to thank all the wonderful people we met and who took the time to show us how much work goes into producing the Baha. Micah’s Baha System has had such a positive impact on his speech and hearing. I really wanted to show him how people working on the other side of the globe have made such a difference in his life.”

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