Tuesday tip: How to change the Baha SoftWear Pad

Baha SoftWear Pad

The Baha SoftWear Pad is a small but important part* of the Baha Attract System. In fact it is integral to its success – as one of our engineers explained back in June.

The small unassuming pad gently adjusts to the contours of the wearer’s skull to provide even pressure distribution and maximum sound transmission.

The pad does need to be routinely changed, to get the most comfort out of the Baha Attract System. For most people this would be about once a month. But, everyone’s different and wearing time can vary due to amount of exercise, work environment, and hair and skin characteristics.

Changing the pad is relatively straight forward:changing-baha-softwear-pad

Remove the pad from the Baha SP magnet by lifting and gripping the unglued portion, slowly releasing the pad from the magnet. Make sure that any remaining adhesive tape is completely removed from the magnet.

Select a new pad and gently remove the cover sheet from the side where the soft material is slightly visible to expose the adhesive.

Attach the new pad to the magnet, making sure that the pad is centralised and covers the entire magnet surface.

Finally, remove the remaining cover sheet.


* Though the Baha SoftWear Pad is not required to wear, we certainly recommend it since it will most likely increase wearing comfort

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