Camryn, 9, is the first person in South Africa to get the Baha Attract System


Nine-year-old Camryn, Cape Town, South Africa, will be the country’s very first recipient of the Baha Attract System!

The surgery was done in early March 2015, and the little girl is now waiting to get her bilateral Baha 4 Sound Processors fitted. The technique creates an invisible connection between the magnets embedded close to where her ears would have been and equally magnetised sound processors.

At birth, Camryn was diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome – a rare congenital condition characterised by the incomplete development of the ear – and was certified as “profoundly deaf”.

Camryn’s family was referred to ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Nathanie Naudè, who’d been in talks with Australian otolaryngologist Professor Robert Briggs about the new bilateral Baha technique. Briggs travelled to Cape Town to perform Camryn’s surgery, which was observed by more than 20 ENT specialists from across the country.

“It will be the first time that Camryn will be able to hear surround sound,” said Surida Booysen, audiologist at Tygerberg Hospital’s Carel du Toit Centre for children with hearing impediments, which Camryn attends. “To give this to a child is absolutely amazing.”

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