In the news: The Baha Attract System enables Delilah, 7, to hear from both sides


7-year old Delilah from Wisconsin, USA, is finally able to hear from both sides.

The young girl was successfully fitted with a Baha Attract System in the beginning of February. Her mother, April McKeeth, calls it a “little miracle”. She says:

“It was really emotional when I was watching her do the testing initially and she wasn’t hearing. That was hard to watch because I could hear the beeps and she couldn’t and it definitely made me cry and when I saw her for the first time being able to hear and lift her hand that she’s hearing them, it was an emotional time for me.”

Before it was established she had a hearing loss, Delilah went through several pairs of headphones, thinking they were defective. Her mother thought they were out of options, when she finally learned about the Baha Attract System.

Dr David Valencia from the Mayo Clinic Health System, says:

“Even most medical providers don’t realize it’s an option for single-sided deafness or conductive hearing loss. So a lot of people are living with hearing loss that could be benefitted with this technology.”

Watch Delilah’s reaction in the video clip here.



The Baha Attract System has a magnetic connection instead of an abutment through the skin. This means there is lesser need for daily care.



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