Parents of Baha users reflect on Cochlear Celebration

The 2015 US Cochlear Celebration was a fun-filled and information-packed event, which attracted more than a thousand Baha and cochlear implant recipients and their families.

There were sessions, presentations (including a top secret look at the future of the Baha System, for everyone who signed a non disclosure agreement!), check & clean your sound processor, EXPO, social gatherings etc. For a lot of recipients, the most important thing is to meet others in the same situation. Especially for parents.

Meredith Berger, mother of 4-year old Baha user Eila, wrote on Twitter:


Hilary Masino, mother of Tjellström scholarship student Camille, revealed to us how much the Celebration event meant to both her and her daughter:


The Cochlear Americas blog The Wire has more pictures and a great recap of the event!