Please take a Baha user survey

Hello Baha Blog readers!

We have the honor of sharing a new survey which targets everyone using a bone conduction hearing solution. The survey is being conducted by The SHiEC (Supporting Hearing in Elderly Citizens) Project, and is supported by AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) and Vinnova.

The aim of the survey is to gather insights on the use of computer and internet technologies by Baha recipients and of their hearing situation. The results of this survey will be used to create an eHealth tool.

The survey contains 28 questions in the following sections:
– You and your Baha sound processor
– Your knowledge and use of smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.
– Your hearing situation.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. The answers will only be presented as group data and your answers will NOT be traceable back to you.

To learn more about the SHiEC Project; please visit the project web site:

Thank you in advance!